Frequently Asked Questions


What’s your photography style?

I would best describe my style as documentary photography. I put a lot of focus and attention into capturing the candid moments between the couple, their family and friends and documenting the day as it unfolds. I also understand that you put a lot of work and money into all the details so I focus on capturing those important items too!

Are you insured?

Yes! I have liability insurance and can provide your venue with a certificate of coverage up to two million dollars.

How long does it take to get our online gallery and images?

Online galleries will be delivered within 8 weeks after your wedding date. A digital download of the high res files will be accessible a month after the gallery is released.

Can you hold our wedding date?

I can only hold dates with a signed contract and deposit. Once that is acquired the date is all yours!

Can you customize wedding packages?

Yes, I understand that every wedding and budget is different. I’m happy to talk with you to determine what would be the best fit for you, and work on getting you the most coverage based on your budget. So please don’t hesitate to ask!

How many images will I receive?

Depending on how many hours of coverage you’ll need on your wedding day, I typically deliver between 800-1000 images for an 8 hour day.

Are the images edited and color corrected?

I wouldn’t have it any other way! I weed out all the blinks, bunny ears and your uncle walking through the frame. Once the edit is done I color correct all the images, turning about 25% into black and white.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with and do you have backup?

I shoot with the Canon Mark III bodies and mostly prime lens. And yes, I always have backup cameras, flashes and lenses in case a piece of gear decides to take a break on your wedding day.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Absolutely! Engagement sessions are a great way for us to work together and get to know one another before your wedding day. Engagement sessions are typically booked during the week either at sunrise or two hours before sunset for the best light.

Do you always work with a 2nd photographer?

Most of the time I do, but it’s not necessary if you’re having a small intimate wedding or don’t need every aspect of the wedding covered. Most clients request two photographers because they want the additional coverage and if you both are getting ready in different locations, we can split up to cover events that are happening simultaneously. I usually recommend a 2nd photographer if your guest list is going to be over 150 people.

Do we have to provide a vendor meal?

Yes, a meal must be provided for myself and any assistant or photographer that is working with me for more than 5 hours. We want to be alert and energized for your wedding. If you’re not sure how vendor meals work just ask your coordinator or caterer and they’ll be able to help you. I just kindly ask that we are served at the same time as you, so we’ll be able to get back to covering your wedding when you’re done eating.

Can we meet in person?

Yes! I actually prefer to meet my clients in person. Since I work from home, I typically meet you at a convenient location for coffee or tea to discuss the details of your wedding day. I also understand that you may have a very busy schedule, so if meeting in person doesn’t work for you we can chat via Facetime, Skype or phone.